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Focused on mineral extraction within modern
techniques, as well as environmental preservation and especially partnerships with customers.

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We work to contribute to environmental sustainability, investing in education. The company developed projects with the aim of educating and training young people.

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With over 20 mines distributed throughout the Southeast of Brazil (São Paulo and Paraná), the company produces more than 100 types of ores with distinct technological and physical characteristics. All production of industrial ores is monitored by quality control systems, which translates into high levels of quality of the final products, combined with the high technological investment in the mining, processing and physical-chemical analyzes carried out constantly in our own laboratory. It is no coincidence that Mineração São Judas is ISO certified
9001 since the year 2002, currently in the ISO 9001 – 2015 version.

Talc (magnesium silicate hydroxide) of composition MgSI 4 O 10 (OH) 2 is one of the magnesium phyllosilicates and has a hardness...

Limestone carbonate results from the processing of calcite, constituting a mineral with a perfect CaCO 3 chemical composition and orthorhombic...

Dolomite is an ore composed exclusively of calcium and magnesium carbonate Ca Mg (CO 3 ) 2 . Very abundant in nature in the form of...


Our ores are used in different types of applications that are part of your daily life. See below some examples of how our customers and partners use São Judas ores.


When using our ores within grain and whiteness specifications, as mineral filler in paints


The São Judas limestone is used as a vehicle to adjust compositions and facilitate homogenization.

Paper And Cellulose

São Judas talc is used in pitch control during the manufacture of pulp, absorbing the excess of pine or eucalyptus resin.


Fertilizers consist of a mixture of six to eight products, including hygroscopic products that become wet.


Since its foundation, Mineração São Judas has carried out projects with the objective of educating and training young people to preserve the environment

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